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What Is Online Marriage Counseling


If you need help to make your marriage become a healthy one, you need to undergo a marriage counseling. In a marriage counseling, what a counselor would do is to help resolve any unhealthy conflicts within your marital status so that you can keep it strong and long-lasting. A marriage sometimes will end up not working because either or the both couples do not ask for help, especially from a professional marriage counselor. The common reasons why couple are having a hard time attending their counseling meetings is the conflict of schedules, and they cannot handle face to face counseling.


This case can be solved with the help of online counseling. Online counseling has been the most convenient way to fix a relationship such as marriage and other family problems. There are now counseling agencies that provide their services through online counseling any time of the day. This allows couples to find a good schedule for them and for the online counselor. This can also save so much time.


In online relationship counseling, you are guaranteed that the service is private, flexible, convenient and comparatively affordable for all clients. A certified online counselor will provide you relevant solutions and suggestions, and a valid emotional support through online chat or exchange of emails. If you are comfortable on virtual face to face interaction, you can have it through online video chat counseling sessions. Telephone is also another option and you can have joint telephone conversations that are offered with extra charges.


Usually, how online marriage counseling works is that at the first session, you will be provided with an online questionnaire for the counselor to have an idea about you, your personality and your current marital status. Once you have replied to the counselor with the questionnaire provided, you will then receive the necessary advises and suggestions you need via online. This goes the same for your partner. On an average, this online counseling takes two hours per session, or for other agencies, it will depend on their offer. You are also asked to pay the consultation fee after sending back the questionnaire.


The most common topics that are covered in online counseling include marriage conflict management, financial problems, strict role definition, intimacy and sexual status, problems with children and other relatives, type of communication between couples and towards children, and some family background checking.


There are a few disadvantages with regards to online counseling. Emotional issues aren't going to be monitored through online marriage counselling in dubai. The counselor cannot assume of true emotions through words, entered in the questionnaire, and other necessary information about the husband-wife relationship cannot be compiled completely in the questionnaire also. These are just some of the shortcomings of online marriage counseling.


What you need to do is to find a certified online counselor and read for recommendations, comments or feedbacks from your chosen counselor. The one that is affiliated with a reputable organization certifies the profession.